Viewing and Navigating the Data

Objects in Biozon are the fundamental building blocks of all stored knowledge. They correspond to physical entities (such as a Proteins), or sets of physical entities (such as a Protein Family, or an Interaction). Each object in Biozon is associated with a unique profile page that shows a quick summary and provides access to all descriptors that contain knowledge about it. Additionally, we display the biological context of that object by showing all other objects that are related to it (see for example RPB9_YEAST). From here, it is possible to visit any of those related data types and traverse the data graph.

Please note that all information on a particular profile page is aggregated based on the physical properties of the profile entity. In particular, this means that information is not aggregated by organism. Information pertaining to multiple organisms may appear on a single profile page, which may be confusing. We are planning to develop organism-specific projections of profile pages that filter out any information not relevant to a particular target organism of interest.

You can view a short demo on how to navigate through profile pages in Biozon.

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