User Accounts and Query Management

Accounts give the account holder the ability to save and manage queries. This feature can become quite useful if one would like to reproduce search results, especially with complex or fuzzy queries that contain many clauses.

Using your account you can also materialize the results of your queries and download them to your computer for further analysis. Moreover, utilizing the time stamp feature of Biozon documents, users can choose to materialize and re-materialize the results as of arbitrary times in the past, thus allowing them to reproduce the same result set that was obtained on the original query date.

Another purpose of user accounts is to allow users to access private address spaces. This feature becomes especially useful if some datasets are privately owned and cannot be made accessible to all, or if there are restrictions on the use and distribution of the data (as is the case with DIP). To allow certain groups of users to access protected data that they are privileged to, Biozon defines different classes of users that are mapped to different domains of data. Each user can belong to multiple user classes, thus maximizing flexibility in data accessibility. This is the list of account types available in Biozon:

  • General user. This is the basic account type that allows access to the query saving and materialization facilities.
  • FTP enabled user. Some Biozon data sets may not be available for anonymous download. This account type allows full access to all Biozon data.
  • DIP User. DIP data is not publicly available due to their distribution policy. Membership in this account is necessary to view it.
  • Expert User. An expert user has an extended bio and is able to attach comments and files to and Biozon object
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